Our products are remarkable for their high quality and functionality. While working on the project we use up-to-date technologies, methods and techniques to reach our best results.

  • During the developing process we try to combine customer`s requirements and our vision of problem solving.
  • Our main principles of project development are well-structured, creatively designed, user-friendly, multi-devices and completely unique product.
  • Each of our customers may rely on us and be sure the project will be done in time, by default it will be upper-class, incomparable and private.


Our AmazingCart was created for two different platforms – iOS and Android. And we took care about your Store which could use different plugins. So you could chose that app and plugin that you need. You purchase the app that you need on our Amazing Site and then you choose the plugin coinciding with your web-Store. That’s all. Simply, isn’t it? Also you can change the interface of your mobile shopping apps, which takes only some minutes. As customers are moving into mobile, a mobile shopping app helps your business acquire new customers and increase interaction with current customers. AmazingCart not only helps you create an app but also promote your web-site to many customers as well. With AmazingCart you will have not only a shopping app solution but also many ways to promote your Store to many customers who use this app. In the world of mobilization, moving customers to mobile is a good idea to deepen customers engagement and acquire more and more customers to your business as well.

What is AmazingCart?

It’s a new application that was made by SERF company for your on-line Stores. AmazingCart has deep integration with popular e-Commerce systems such as: WordPress (WooCommerce), Magento, Opencart and PrestaShop. Our app allows your clients to buy products from their Devices. In App Store, Google Play and soon in Microsoft Store your Shop will be visible for users and attract many clients to your Shop site.

Why AmazingCart?

AmazingCart will increase your profit because customers will be able to buy your products everywhere and anytime. It’s easy customization allows to use it to every person. The customer can change icons, descriptions, background colors and text colors in app. Your customers will independently create their mood and positive attitude by buying products in your Store.

Your Store with AmazingCart.

So your application will look like your web shop only in mobile Device. Availability of mobile app will give to your Store more representative and more trustworthy look for buyers. And of course we’ll help to promote your Store. On our website we advertise all companies who ever purchased the AmazingCart so you’ll have more visitors and potential clients.

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Have you ever dreamed about 100% productiveness for your business activities? “Who didn’t?”: ask you. We are happy to represent you a Tool which is able to replace at least half of your employees! Nowadays there is no necessity to bother you with routine work, you just have to delegate the authority and set up the SERFBOT.

  1. The SERFBOT works 100 times faster than human even can.
  2. This super efficient Tool will become the most indispensable assistant you have been dreaming about.
  3. SERFBOT offers consulting solutions in Quality Testing of various websites.

SERFBOT can be used not only for testing, for example, you can also use it for monitoring the latest jobs and be the first person to apply to them.  By the way, if you can’t adjust SERFBOT by yourself, you can always contact our developers and they will configure the SERFBOT accordingly to your requirements for less than 5 minutes.

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Sportsprognoz – The first sports exchange, which provides the most accurate sports predictions with the high traffic ! Our service has been designed specifically for the clients and forecasters with the aim to sell only the highest quality sports predictions. The first thing we want to draw your attention – it’s really Forecaster rating that cannot be bought for money. Forecaster need to prove that he indeed is really professional, this way our company grants high quality sports predictions. Attention : forecasters can become every person aged 18 or over . Commission of Sportprognoz with a turnover of sold Sports Predictions is only 10% .

No Risk! Safe Bets! Get Accurate Sports Predictions systems to betting from world professionals.

People like you already have stable revenue on sports betting with help of professional forecasters. What do you do when you lose money on sports betting? You close your eyes and you continue betting lying to yourself that it was BAD LUCK? This is not a solution, this is a bad looser habit! When something doesn’t work, you must change it! How? It’s simple when you refer to sports betting professionals who make money on their living playing in bookmakers. In order to make additional money sport analytics open their Systems just for additional price and share their sport systems with you as well.

We believe that betting and casino games are entertainment and that it should be managed accordingly. Although we can not promise that our users win, we can increase the likelihood of success. And we can promise more engaging, entertaining and safe online betting and gambling. Betting is a way to make a football match, a political election or another scored event even more exciting. A spinning roulette wheel and cards on a black jack table are inherently thrilling when your money is placed. We believe that betting and casino games belong in the category of entertainment.

The world of online betting is complex and full of vibrant companies. Our goal is to simplify and curate the experience in order to ensure the overall quality and integrity of the sector. Betting and gambling are inherently fun and engaging. A majority of users end up losing some of their deposited money, while some users walk away with more money than they started out with.

Although we can increase the likelihood of our users winning, we cannot promise that they will win. What we can promise is that we help our users get engaging, entertaining and safe online betting and gambling experiences.

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Henry Ford

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