IT Serve has been working in the field of automation and web development. Our knowledge is based on many years of experience. We offer qualified services and solutions for users within a number of different processes. We bring together technology, talent, creativity, functionality and best practices to strengthen key competencies and ensure excellence in the IT-sphere.


We extend your enterprise with dedicated, skilled resources. One of our core competence is to find, attract, develop, and retain top-class professionals matching your specific need for skills, experience, profile, and style as well as fitting your company culture. Additionally, we provide all supporting services and infrastructure including  training & coaching.


Our professional approach to Web development is reflected in our process and collaborative approach. We have professional project manager is assigned to your project, a person highly skilled in Web development management, communication and project management. Equally important, your project manager will have adequate time to manage your project with careful attention. We have a highly transparent and collaborative business style. We detail all tasks involved with your project, and seek your input and involvement along the way.


We create native mobile applications for smartphones, tablets and wearables with particular focus on UI and UX. Drawing from our strong technical expertise in iOS and Android and huge experience delivering complex enterprise mobility solutions, we can ensure the high quality of our outsourced mobile development solutions. We cover full mobile app development stack from concept creation, UI/UX and graphic design, prototyping and development to quality assurance and integration.


IT SERVE company provides a broad range of services to help you build and deploy big data analytics applications quickly and easily. We give you fast access to flexible and low cost IT resources, so you can rapidly scale virtually any big data application including data warehousing, clickstream analytics, fraud detection, recommendation engines, Creating custom-built systems, processing large volumes of data and transforming it into insight to solve business challenges and drive innovation. With SERF you are sure that you have the team of professionals in Big Data sector. When setting up project teams, we pick up specialists whose background and skills align best with your project needs.


Our effective, expert organic SEO services include strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, content creation and content marketing – all with a focus on generating leads and growing your business. When working with us, expect complete, customized campaigns, transparency in every aspect of our work and precise lead tracking and validation.


To maximize the marketing power of your new B2B or B2C website, we apply expert user experience (UX), conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Most important, your new website will be responsive – able to adjust automatically for optimal viewing on desktops, tablets and smartphones because it’s a necessity today. And of course our design will make your site unforgettable and modern.


IT SERVE stands out among other it companies who provide this service, by its result-driven and practice-oriented approach. Our software testing services are based on real experience only, thus, theoretical and hands-on skills are inextricably linked.


We specialize in automating web applications. Robot applications will help us increase productivity and improve our quality of life through human-robot collaboration. Our expertise covers an impressive list of application knowledge. Using sophisticated technology, our company improves overall quality and productivity and reduces your costs. Use of robotic guidance vision allows tooling development to be simpler, thus cutting costs. It also improves the throughput of your system by allowing the robot to accept and adapt to location deviations. In the near term, the goal of keeping AI’s impact on society beneficial motivates research in many areas, from economics and law to technical topics such as verification, validity, security and control. Whereas it may be little more than a minor nuisance if your laptop crashes or gets hacked, it becomes all the more important that an AI system does what you want it to do if it controls your car, your airplane, your pacemaker, your automated trading system or your power grid.

With our own, as well as with purchased products and services, SERF company’s delivers simple and efficient solution in close collaboration with our customers. We don’t waste time. We simply focus on your goals, your budget, and your success and provide a talented team to reach them. When your priorities change, we change with you. We give you direct access to your team which allows your feedback to be implemented quickly.